Anonymous asked: Will you ever come back?

Who knows

Anonymous asked: If we ask you a question in private or off anon would you reply?

Yes but it depends on what you’re asking

Hi everyone, we’re sorry to inform you that we won’t be using the site to answer questions for privacy reasons. The tumblr will still be up and used by Stoop for recreational use but questions regarding JB & SG is no longer available. We’re also very sorry for saying we’d be back soon. However, you may contact us privately. 

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"Who Am I?" was the name enlisted on an account that was created last July (July 3, 2013):  At the time, as most of you know, Justin was dealing with a lot of bull from the media who made him out to be a terrible person (which he is not) and S wanted to help shine a light on Justin’s image on an one on one level by answering any questions that the fans had. The account not long after, took on the name "Stoop Kid." After several months of answering questions and interacting with the fans, Stoop became MIA due to a busy schedule only to return in January as an asset to Serenade Rares (which became Jelena Cruisin as it is now) A lot of speculation came about when he was introduced to the wider audience on Tumblr and a lot of the ignorant people slandered him and accused him of being a shitty friend to both Justin and Selena for being apart of a site like this one, but I can tell you all right now that you couldn’t be more wrong. Being behind the scenes and talking to S personally, I can tell you that despite being busy and having a life of his own- the amount of time and dedication he puts into answering your questions and making them lengthy when needed is really underrated. He’s always monitoring the information being put out and making sure that the things that are supposed to be kept private are kept private. I’ve witnessed that nothing is more important than his loyalty to his friends, absolutely nothing. The way he protects them when he feels like they need somebody to stand up for them all the way down to the way he talks about them as if they were the reasons for all the things good in the world. Although his life keeps him away from the site for periods at a time, he is the reason that this site ran as smoothly as it did back when we were more active. For those of you who have never spoken to S and have never had the pleasure of getting to know the kind of person he is, I can honestly tell you that he is absolutely legendary and you should all show so much appreciation for what he does for you guys. As an equal to the sites success, he deserves as much recognition as I receive, if not more.

Happy One Year of being Stoop, S.  Thank you for everything.

Anonymous asked: What did Justin like on Instagram?

Happy Birthday Justin, we can’t believe you’re 20 years old already. Where did the time go? We are so proud of you for everything that you have accomplished in just twenty years. You went from being a kid living in a small town in Canada chasing your dreams into a man who achieved them. You did not only achieve your dreams of being a singer, but you have also achieved your dreams of helping others and making the world a better place. You deserve nothing but the best and nothing but to be happy, we’re very proud of you and how far you’ve come and who you’ve become and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you. We’ll always support you, through thick and thin. You’ve been through so much in life with the media trying to bringing you down, friend betrayals, and more but you’ve always found a way to fight through that. You’re a very strong person and a great inspiration for not only us, but for millions of people across the world. You’re an amazing person, and you’re old as fuck! Hahaha but we hope the rest of the year brings nothing but good times and good vibes. Love you Juju!

S & J